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    Interview with North Forest's Brett Steinbar

    by Chris Kozlowski
    Mon, Jan 17th 2011 10:00 am
    Commerce City Connection  [ View Original Article ]
    Q: Please tell us about North Forest Office Space. How does the company impact a community?
    A: We provide new professional, medical, and dental offices to the communities that we build in. Whether a startup company is looking for that first executive office to get out of the house, or a doctor or dentist is looking for a new location closer to home and patients, we provide great space at an affordable rate with no hidden fees. We cater to small businesses and can even accommodate medium sized companies up to 10,500 sq. ft., or more. When our projects are complete, we have created a true office park full of professional and medical services the community depends on.

    Q: What made you decide to build in Commerce City?
    A: We saw a need for new office product in Commerce City. With all the new residents in the north range it was apparent we could start an office park and be a long time member of the Commerce City community.

    Q: How has your business been affected by the current economy?
    A: In some ways, it has helped us. We have seen a lot of new businesses starting up and larger businesses downsizing. Either way, we are able to provide them with a great new office at rates lower than they would expect, or might have been paying. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well still and we are happy to provide offices to new businesses. We have flexible leases and space plans that allow companies to grow as their businesses do.

    Larger existing companies that, unfortunately, have had to downsize are also great candidates for our offices. Our space plans are so efficient companies only pay for space they actually use. So a big company that needs to move from a large office they no longer need to a smaller one can, and still has the flexibility to expand again with us when their company returns to its pre-depression state.

    Overall we really haven't seen the slowdown in leasing activity due to our product being so flexible.

    Q: What will be the measure of success for your Commerce City property?
    A: To create a true office park full of great businesses that will keep jobs in Commerce City. The Economic Development (ED) and Planning departments are doing a great job of retaining and attracting new businesses for residents. North Forest hopes that in 6 to 8 years the 104th Avenue Medical and Professional Center will be the place to do business in the North Range.

    Q: What makes you competitive in the market?
    A: North Forest Office Space (NF) is its own developer, contractor and property management company, allowing NF to provide a "turn key" product to our customers. This means a tenant doesn't need to hire a contractor, an architect or engineer to build them a new office. We do it all in house and include it in our lease rate. Even with all those services included, our lease rates are lower than our competitors due to our efficiency that comes from 30 years of experience. It's a lot less headaches for our customers (tenants) to deal with. We tell them once you sign the lease, you just have to worry about updating your stationary, leave the rest to us.

    Q: What types of tenants are ideal for your property?
    A: Any professional office user such as an attorney, CPA, real estate agent, would be great. Doctors, dentist, orthodontists, and medical specialists are also wonderful customers that add value to the office park. We strive to create a well rounded office park with several different types of businesses and amenities that serve the community. Two of the spaces in our new building are already leased and we expect to have the building filled and start the second building by the end of the year. When all 6 buildings are up and full the 104th Avenue Medical and Professional Center will be a 54,000 sq. ft. micro economy, very similar to our project in Westminster. There, many of the businesses trade referrals and services, helping to ensure they are all successful.

    Q: How was your experience going through the Commerce City development review process, and would you change anything if you had to do it over again?
    A: The experience with the city was great. We had a very unique piece of property with lots of grading issues. The staff and City Council were very understanding and worked with us to come up with a great site plan that's appealing to users. We appreciate the variance approved by the city. Without it, the project would have been very difficult, if not impossible.

    Q: What is the best business advice you've received during your career?
    A: Always think outside the box. There's always going to be a challenge to overcome every day. It's those businesses that recognize those challenges first, and figure out a solution that benefit's everyone, not just themselves, that are successful at the end of the day. Small businesses have some of the craziest challenges and I love working with small business owners to come up with a solution. Working ethically is a cornerstone of our company and we always look to find the best win-win we can with everyone we work with.

    Q: What does Commerce City offer that makes your business successful? What does your business need to be successful?
    A: Growth and Growth. Commerce City has huge growth potential. We hope to be the premier provider of office space in Commerce City and all over suburban Colorado in the future. Commerce City is a great community with a lot going for it. That will help us achieve our goal. We also know Commerce City would like to keep its services and businesses in the city. Every day several business owners, doctors, and dentists, leave their homes in Commerce City to go work somewhere else. We are hoping to help solve that with the help of ED and the City's staff and Council and keep those jobs right here in the city.

    Q: What do you want residents and other businesses to know about your business?
    A: North Forest Office Space is a local development company committed to the communities we build in. We strive to create office parks that have a wide range of services to offer from local businesses and medical doctors.

    Our office space is top of the line and we don't skimp on the details. It's also never too early to start thinking about office space. A professional or business owner that is looking for an office, or has an existing space and would either like to open a second location or upgrade to a newer office, should contact us to set up a showing and take a look at what we have to offer. Quite often we can have a space ready 60 days after lease signing, but larger, custom or dental offices can take a bit longer.