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  • North Forest values

    At North Forest Office Space, we understand that the decisions we make will affect our customers, suppliers and team members. That's why we have developed a set of values to guide us, based on the fundamental principles of our founder, Roy Jordan, Jr.

    Uncompromising Integrity

    • We act in an honest and trustworthy manner in every situation. This fosters a positive and safe environment, and helps us in handling "gray areas" that often occur.
    • When faced with a decision, we consider it our duty to make the honest and ethical choice. We trust that this philosophy leads to long-term relationships.

    Willingness to Go the Extra Mile

    • We do our best to extend ourselves to help our customers, fellow team members and suppliers.
    • We believe that our willingness to go above and beyond cultivates a culture where there is a true commitment to one another's success - which ultimately leads to exceptional service for our customers.
    • We are committed every day to having a positive and enthusiastic attitude, being open to change, accepting responsibility and paying attention to the details.

    Looking for the Win/Win

    • We seek mutually beneficial relationships with people who have positive motives and care about win/win solutions.
    • When someone is looking for office space, we consider it our responsibility to find solutions that benefit all parties involved.
    • We believe that teamwork and sharing benefit all stakeholders and help deliver the best possible product, in the safest way, and at the best possible value.
    • We also believe that humility and fairness are the keys to a strong and sustainable business.
    • We consider the needs of all parties in every decision, and we seek to find the most equitable solution regardless of whether or not it is the most profitable.